Oskar Karlsson - Technical Artist

My name is Oskar Karlsson and I'm a technical artist studying at Futuregames in Stockholm, Sweden. Prior, during my career as a programmer in C++, I was developing my own games in my spare time but felt that it wasn't enough. I decided to pursue my interest in art and games full time and at Futuregames I have found my role as general problem solver, researcher, and optimizer very much appreciated.


Among my friends I'm known as "the shaderguy" because I love planning and making textures and shaders more than any one else around, but they know I'm about more than that. I'm strongly passionate about pipelines, making flexible assets, procedural content generation, to constantly find better and faster ways to do things and to teach the ones around me that want to learn.



Favorite games: Baldurs Gate II, Mario Kart, Dota 2 and Super Metroid.

Favorite comics: Hellboy, Judge Dredd, Batman and Mouse Guard.