Pixel Bar

Oskar Karlsson - Technical Artist

In this project I wanted to make a pixel art environment in Unreal Engine 4 using PBR. The main focus was to create a workflow for highly customizable assets and a hierarchical shader structure using instancing, vertex painting and lots of parameters.

In order to compress without using the expensive alpha channel, the alpha was stored in the blue channel instead. All values for colors, metalness, roughness are determined using parameters for the different levels in the red or green channel.

A lot of variations were made fast and managable by using a custom material function library along with hierarchical material instancing.

The wall is made using three layered materials; Painted wall, worn plaster and brick wall. The wear is vertex painted using one channel for all three states, so it can be worn down through everything in one stroke.

All sprites have normal maps, most of them made by using SpriteLamp.