Sci-Fi Props

Oskar Karlsson - Technical Artist

Toxicity Detector



This handheld device is used to detect radioactive and toxic compounds in the environment and persons.



The device is gameplay ready, meaning it has parameters for dynamically showing on its screen what type of detection is active at the moment, the detected concentration level (percentage) as well as a danger-sign set at a dynamically controlled threshold value. Screen colors and glow intensities are dynamically controlled as well. There is also a demo-mode showing these features, which is active in the images and videos shown here.


Finally there is a socket left open at the base of the device for possible modular upgrade purposes, such as if finding an additional tech module to increase detection distance, new compounds to detect or increase battery life.

Organ Farm



The organ farm is essential for any long distance space travel expedition. Organ failure during cryosleep was one of the lead causes of death during the pioneer expeditions at the end of the 21st century. Keeping a healthy reserve ready at all times for emergency transplantation has been mandatory by company regulations since 2132.




The device has a living heart in a jar, with the heartbeats being animated in the shader. Controls for the heartbeats are available as parameters.

Extensive use of vertex masking was used to achieve high control of the many buttons and monitors on the device, enabling different content on shared uv space.

Colors and light intensity for the buttons and screens are controlled using parameters.

The Traumagotchi



The Traumagotchi generates power like nothing else when inflicted with physical and emotional pain. This power is being harvested by the enemy and it's our job to destroy it.




The movement is made in the shader using textures. The lightnings are controlled using vertex masking.